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The organization was set up in 1996 by Italian and Romanian volunteers, with the support of the Italian organization AVSI. The initial name of the organization was the Foundation for People’s Development.


  • In partnership with AVSI we have restructured the pediatric pavilion “Casa Doru” from “Dr. Victor Babes ” hospital.


  • We started the program “Remote Support” in favor of the children from the Center “Saint Catherine” in Bucharest and the families in difficulty from Cluj county.
  • The medical staff from the infectious diseases hospitals in Bucharest is formed at Bambin Gesu’ Hospital in Rome.
  • Dermatological missions conducted by the doctors from Bambin Gesu’ take place for the treatment of sick and abandoned children.


  • With the support of UNICEF we started the first project of deinstitutionalization of the abandoned children in the “Dr. Victor Babes “and Vidra.
  • We intervened urgently in Mureș County in favor of the victims of the floods.


  • We started the intervention in the Roma community from Iazu village, Cojasca Dâmbovița County.
  • We opened an FDP office in Arad and started reintegrating into their families the children abandoned in the Placement Center no. 1.
  • We started TB prevention intervention in the village of Mănăstirea, Calarasi County.


  • Near Bucharest we opened the first family-type house for 9 abandoned children.
  • We have inaugurated the kindergarten from Iazu-Cojasca village, financed by the City Hall of Madrid, private donors from Italy and UNICEF.
  • We intervened urgently in the village of Sânpaul, Mureș County, for the victims of the floods.


  • Near Bucharest we opened the second family home for 7 abandoned children.
  • In Bucharest, we opened the third family home for 5 abandoned children.


  • FDP starts another project of deinstitutionalization of abandoned children, thanks to which, another 7 children are integrated into families of foster carers.


  • FDP initiated the awareness campaign on the integration of deinstitutionalized children in schools at the level of 11 counties.
  • We started the first professional integration project in Arad.
  • We organized the first public awareness raising event in a Realitatea TV show, hosted by actor Marcel Iures at the Act Theater.


  • We opened the Luigi day care center in Bucharest.
  • The first change in the visual identity of the organization that becomes the Foundation for Peoples’ Development takes place.
  • With UNICEF financial support, we implemented a project to develop the capacity of local authorities in 9 localities with a Roma population in Dâmbovița


  • In Cluj, we established the Center for the development of independent life skills for young people – the “Company” program.


  • We opened the first apartments in which the deinstitutionalised young people live independently.
  • The FDP implements the first transnational project of exchange of experience in key areas: child protection, professional integration and Roma population, in partnership with organizations from Romania, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Belgium.


  • We started the professional integration program at national level.
  • Cluj-Napoca working point becomes a subsidiary with legal personality.


  • Inauguration of the Center for services for the professional integration of adults and young people in difficulty from Arad takes place.
  • In Cluj-Napoca, the first project of recruitment and involvement of volunteers in community activities is carried out.
  • Arad and Dâmbovița work points receive legal personality and become subsidiaries.


  • The experience of FDP in HIV is internationally recognized and transferred to Kazakhstan specialists in a partnership with the Maksora organization.
  • The first professional qualification activities in the auto field are initiated for 45 young people in difficulty with the support of UniCredit and AutoItalia.
  • FDP and the subsidiaries reinforce their organizational capacity in a strategic planning process, staff training in key areas and changing visual identity.
  • We have implemented the first CSF-funded project for the qualification of employees in the automotive field.


  • The FDP starts implementing three strategic projects funded by the European Social Fund, which help strengthen employment and education interventions and develop a new direction, that of the social economy.
  • The project of voluntary reintegration into the origin communities of 50 Roma families from the Triboniano camp in Milan in partnership with AVSI and the City of Milan begins.
  • The experience of FDP in interventions in favor of Roma people is recognized in a project of exchanges of experience at European level, implemented by Cittalia and 10 other public organizations and institutions from five European countries.


  • FDP establishes 6 regional centers that offer employment services in urban localities (Bucharest, Arad, Cluj, Dâmbovița, Olt, Gorj) and 13 rural centers in communities in the counties of Arad and Dâmbovița.
  • We initiated the first social enterprise type in Cluj, in the field of PV carpentry.


  • The strategic partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation is signed in order to open the Sports Social School in Bucharest.
  • The “mosaic factory” social enterprise is set up in Bucharest.
  • Cleaning and educational support for the children from the Pata Rât – Cluj garbage ramp begins.


  • We implemented the first project on combating discrimination, “BEAMS Breaking Down European Attitudes towards Migrant / Minority Stereotypes”.
  • We opened the “School after School” Centers in Bucharest, Dâmbovița and Cluj. Over 160 children at risk of drop out of school benefit from educational activities within the centers, improving their school results and frequency.


  • FDP implements the first international cooperation project “Active Women in the Family, Responsible in the Family” – Increasing the participation of women from Bethlehem and the Hebron region, Palestine, to social life. “
  • The Occupational Training and Training Services Center is inaugurated in Bucharest.
  • Over 33 new jobs created through social businesses.


  • FDP opens and inaugurates the Counseling and Support Center for Parents and Children in Bucharest.
  • We supported 80 young mothers from disadvantaged communities, with parent-school activities, counseling, baby products in Cluj and Dâmbovița.
  • We have completed 3 European projects in the field of social economy and vocational training, benefiting more than 1000 people.
  • Florin Răducioiu, the footballer, becomes the ambassador of the Sportive Real Madrid Social School, which has led to the winning of the volunteer of the Year award in Sport at the VOLUME Gallery.
  • 20 children from Pata Rât – Cluj garbage dump are integrated into a Multifunctional Welfare Center “Wonderland”, as a result of the partnership concluded with the Cluj-Napoca Social and Medical Assistance Directorate.
  • We have carried out training and awareness-raising activities for the specialists in the field of school education for children with special educational needs.


  • We have developed a solid partnership with a media trust, thus increasing the visibility and development of the Sports Social School program.
  • We implemented an educational project on the hate speech in the online environment in some schools in Bucharest, Cluj and Arad, as well as seminars with journalists on the same topic.
  • We opened 4 social apartments in September 2016 where 7 young people and 2 children live who are in a difficult situation.
  • We opened a sheltered home – Majilinda, for young people in difficulty
  • We organized the Anniversary Concert “20 Years of FDP”.
  • We have changed the name of the People’s Development Foundation to the FDP Association-Protagonists in Education.


  • We have implemented the Education – Community Change Center 2017-2021 to increase access to education for children and young people from disadvantaged families by creating a community space to serve the development of Pata Rât-Cluj community through an integrated intervention.
  • With the support of the Renovabis Foundation, we implemented the project Empowering parents for raising happy children with the main goal of developing parenting skills and increasing self-esteem among the 25 parents at risk of social exclusion and empowering parents with the risks of knowing and access rights, know and respect children’s rights through education and access to services.
  • In November 2017, the Romanian Football Federation in partnership with the FDP – Protagonists in Education Association organized the first edition of Respect Cup.


  • We implemented the project “Together we can! Experiences of Change and Support of Families at Risk “with the main purpose of developing parenting skills and increasing self-esteem among the 25 parents at risk of social exclusion;
  • In September 2018 we started the project “SPORTRROM – Sports activities for the children from Cojasca and Iazu” aimed at increasing the quality of life for 72 children at risk of dropping out of 2 schools from Cojasca and Iazu, by promoting sports-educational activities and community involvement in local sports events;
  • We have continued to improve the quality of life of children and families in difficult situations living in the community near Pata Rat garbage collection (Cluj County) by facilitating access to education, medical services, social and school integration of children;
  • In the Community Center (Cluj County) the activities dedicated to raising community awareness on children’s education and preventing school dropout were also carried out with the involvement of volunteers;
  • Developing the European network Tandem Plus – a project that aims to create a platform for the exchange of experience between partners, members of the European Tandem Plus network and exchange of experience between social and professional inclusion operators;
  • In May 2018, the Romanian Football Federation in partnership with the FDP – Protagonists in Education Association gave children tickets to the Romanian Cup Finals at the National Arena;
  •  The Children of the Sports School participated for the fourth time at the sports competition (Copa Alma) where our team won the # self-esteem trophy.
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