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The Alma Parents and Children Counseling and Support Center

75 children and their families are beneficiaries of the Center, at the two working points.

Mobile unit on the Pata-Rat garbage dump

Over the past 3 years, supporting families in Pata Rat has become a priority of the association. The community is structured in four distinct regions: Canton, Dallas, Green Hill and Ramp. Of the 4 locations, the ramp community is the most disadvantaged. The needs of children and families living on the garbage can be multiple, so our intervention is personalized and includes:

  • Counseling and support for children and parents
  • medical assistance – regular visits of a doctor
  • provision of dairy powder and disposable diapers, garments and footwear
  • Daily activities and services for children aged 2-3 years (hygienic activities, socio-educational activities).

“Wonderland” Center

Children in the garbage dump area, age 3-7, benefit from socio-educational activities within the Wonderland Center. There are similar activities to the kindergarten program, which aim to facilitate integration in school.

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