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Donate now and help a child go to school!

In Romania, 1 in 5 children drop out of school. The main reasons leading to school dropout are poverty, lack of parents, precarious education of parents.

The reality of these children can change if they receive the necessary support when they need it the most! Help them go to school! Their stories will turn into success stories!

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Monthly donation (via Direct Debit)

If you have a current bank account, you can contribute through a monthly donation to changing the lives of children who do not have access to education. Monthly donations will be made through direct debit, which gives you the opportunity to donate a fixed amount by automatically debiting your account at a preset date. Find out all the details here.

Donate monthly 2 euros via SMS!

Send „AJUT” to 8844 and donate 2 euros each month. All children have the right to childhood and education!

The number 8844 is valid for Orange and Vodafone networks. The amount allocated to the cause is 2 euros. No VAT is charged for donations on the subscription. In the Orange network for prepaid cards, VAT was retained on the purchase of the credit. For prepaid card donations, customers do not pay VAT in the Vodafone network. For unsubscribe, send free of charge „AJUT STOP” to 8844.

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