“God Bless Romania” – The arrival of Pope Francis in Romania

2019-06-10T16:47:44+03:00Friday, 31 May, 2019|

The apostolic journey of Pope Francis to Romania began on Friday, May 31st in Bucharest.

We remember with excitement last year’s meeting with the Holy Father and we still feel alive in our hearts the answers he gave to our young beneficiaries.
In his speech of Friday, Pope Francis invited the state to “deal with the common good of its people” precisely to build an “inclusive society,” in which “the weakest, the poorest and the last are not seen as unwanted, but as citizens and brothers to be fully included in the civilian life. And to do this, we must follow a direction based on the human person’s centrality and its inalienable rights”.

Meanwhile, together with our beneficiaries, we joyfully waited for the Pope on George Enescu Square in Bucharest, where he appeared under the late afternoon rain, a very touching moment.

The apostolic journey continued and during the meeting with the Roma community, Pope Francis uttered the following:  “I still have a weight on my heart. It is the weight of discrimination, segregation and mistreatment suffered by your communities. For this I would like to ask you forgiveness. “.

Over the past 5 years, supporting families in the Pata Rat community (Cluj County) has become a priority of FDP Association. It is the Roma community where the needs of children and families living on this garbage dump are multiple.

We fight along with the families of Pata Rat to regain the dignity to these people and a main role in their own lives.
Simona Carobene, Chief Executive Officer of FDP, about our meeting with Pope Francis wrote an article published in Avvenire, an Italian Catholic newspaper with national circulation( link https://www.avvenire.it/opinioni/pagine/il-papa-in-romania-la-buona-semina-vista-dalla-parte-della-terra-dissodata )

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