Key Competences for All: European partnership to strengthen competencies

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A 34 months project to exchange practices on building, measuring and improving key competences for social and labor inclusion

Everyone has the right “to timely and tailor-made assistance to improve employment or self-employment prospects, to training and re-qualification, to continued education and to support for job search” COM (2017)250

The European Project Key Competences for All (KC4ALL) is a project within the Erasmus + framework for the innovation and the exchange of good practices in the field of key competencies of social groups. The project partnership consists of the European network TANDEM PLUS (project leader) and several European members of the network itself: training bodies such as the Folias Social Cooperative (IT), Forcoop Cora Venezia (IT), social enteprises such as the Féderation des Centers d’Insertion, the Centre d’insertion des Bois Blancs (FR), non-profit organizations such as the ACLI (DE) and FDP Association – Protagonists in Education (RO).

Key Competences for All

KC4ALL focuses on two interconnected objectives: reinforce the transnational potential of the network and its members to operate at local level with the added value of the transnational cooperation, through a process of bench learning, that is by sharing and confronting systems and solutions, methods and practices that they utilized or operate with in order to improve and adapt them to new challenges; and support the capacity of involved organizations and their local networks to improve their service provision and outreach especially for the targets with lower key skills (especially adults over 45, adults and young people with low educational attainments, migrants and refugees, NEETs and long-term unemployed to mention some groups).

The first joint Training Session which was held in Lille, France, from 12 March to 16 March 2018, focused on employability key skills. Several devices and programs were presented and experienced among which the Compétences Clés program which identifies, plans, regulates and capitalize the training course intended for jobseekers, young people aged 16 to 25 who are unemployed and out of the school system, employees on a subsidized contract; the training device « SOCLE de connaissances et de compétences »  which drew a picture on how mastering knowledge is the key to employability and securing employees’ career path; and the CléA certification,  an official and professional certification addressed to employees and jobseekers – primarily to a low-skilled audience – whose objectives are the acquisition and the validation of the knowledge and the skills necessary for the exercise of a professional activity.

“People need the right set of skills and competences to sustain current standards of living, support high rates of employment and foster social cohesion in the light of tomorrow’s society and world of work. Supporting people across Europe in gaining the skills and competences needed for personal fulfilment, health, employability and social inclusion helps to strengthen Europe’s resilience in a time of rapid and profound change.” (Council Recommendation 9009/18)

Key Competences for All


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