“Let there be light!” – a FDP project and ING Bank Romania

2019-07-04T11:25:16+03:00Wednesday, 13 February, 2019|

FDP with the financial support of the ING Romania Bank, started the project “Let there be light!”, addressed to the community of the Pata Rat dump in Cluj-Napoca.

The project aims to improve the quality of life of 27 families living in extreme poverty in this landfill, equipping their homes with photovoltaic panels and pyrolytic stoves.

The project includes two other components: training sessions for adults and children on health education and basic economics, and an awareness campaign addressed to 20 private companies in the area regarding the basic needs of people from disadvantaged communities, in order to involve them in the replication of similar projects to other communities.

Alexandrina Kiss, Director of the Cluj-Napoca office and Project Coordinator, underlined its importance: “This project is a novelty for our organization from many points of view: first, it is a pilot project that involves the supply of photovoltaic panels and pyrolytic stoves in a community where the houses are improvised and there is no electricity, heating or sewers.In second place, it is an invitation to entrepreneurial initiatives, proposing the replication of the model in other disadvantaged communities. Furthermore it is based on an important and necessary inter-sectoral collaboration between several members of society, private and public, including the Division of Social and Medical Assistance of Cluj-Napoca “.

Beyond the warm of a dwelling, which allows a dignified life in hygienic and heating conditions, the long-term installation of these devices will significantly reduce the costs of living for these families.

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