Our partnership with Prima TV continues!

2019-06-11T16:09:07+03:00Tuesday, 28 May, 2019|

Our partnership with Prima TV continues!

Thus, we have been able to raise attention to our intervention in favor of families with fewer chances of living a decent life, but also to increase the visibility of our association and partners involved by asking viewers to support our work through donation of 2€ sending a message to the phone number 8844.
Since the beginning of 2019, 10 reportages have been broadcast:

– 4 reportages about families in Bucharest living in disadvantaged conditions;

– 3 reportages about the Pata Rât program (Cluj County), a project to improve the quality of life for 27 families living in the Pata Rât garbage dump;

– 2 reportages about sports events – football matches;

– 1 reportage focused on the need of health education and dental prevention among disadvantaged families.

Thanks to Prima TV and Marius Saizu who has been close to the children both as a field player and a presenter!

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