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Sheltered Home “Majilinda”

FDP – Protagonists in education provides support in housing by opening the social service – Sheltered Home “Majilinda”.

The mission of the sheltered home Majilinda is to improve the lives of people with disabilities (high degree of autonomy) and to provide services tailored to the needs of each individual.

The sheltered home is a 2-room apartment in sector 2 in Bucharest, owned by FDP – Protagonists in education, properly equipped and prepared, offering decent living conditions for people with disabilities and who are at risk until the exit from the risk situation and the crisis they are in.

It ensures a stable environment in terms of the bio-psychosocial comfort of the beneficiary, which will allow them to benefit from the stability and the possibility to resolve the risk situation in which they find themselves by having a sheltered home.

The home can be accessed for a limited period of time, providing integrated support and services at the FDP headquarters and the help of the FDP professionals through integrated services (tutoring services, social, psychological, vocational counseling).

Admission requirements

  1. Person with disabilities (high degree of autonomy) at risk.
  2. The score obtained in the selection grid: people who meet over 150 points will be considered to meet the minimum conditions necessary to be included in the sheltered home.
  3. The order of enrollement: Individuals who meet the minimum score according to the selection grid will be accepted in the order in which they were enrolled.

The recruitment and selection process will give equal opportunities to every candidate, regardless of ethnic origin, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or area of ​​origin. This principle will be strengthened through a complex / integrated approach and a customization of the services offered, depending on the needs and profile of each beneficiary. Also, the tools for the applicants / beneficiaries will use a clear, simple language, respecting the accessibility criteria.

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