Support COVID-19 emergency response in Labutta district – Myanmar

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The “FDP – Protagonists in Education” Association together with AVSI Myanmar (International Service Volunteer Association) are implementing the project “Support COVID-19 emergency response in Labutta district – Myanmar” aiming at providing tools specific to this situation, by equipping the medical personnel and local community at different levels with the supplies, capacity and knowledge needed to effectively tackle the pandemic.

These actions are possible thanks to a grant from the Romanian Agency for International Development Cooperation (RoAid) and are part of the project “Support COVID-19 emergency response in Labutta district – Myanmar”, carried out between 10 Oct. – 10 Nov. 2020,.

Project goal

To provide protective equipment, training and awareness-raising activities to medical personnel and the local communityin Labutta township, Ayeyarwady region.


Direct beneficiaries

  • 65 village leaders and/or medical volunteers
  • 100 medical personnel
  • 9750 individuals from the 65 target villages

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • 93,000 people covered by the health services provided by the targeted health facilities

Project activities

  • One-day trainings to 65 village leaders and medical volunteers on COVID-19 prevention and response;
  • Provide PPE to be distributed to medical personnel (face masks, KN95 masks, hand spray, examination gloves, surgical gloves, isolation gown, apron, boots, surgical cap, protective suit);
  • Provide 65 villages with face masks and hand sanitizer;
  • Installation of 1 informative banner in 65 targeted villages;
  • Provision of 1 loudspeaker to Department of Diseaster Management to conduct awareness raising activities.

Expected results:

  1. Medical volunteers and village leaders receive training on COVID-19 prevention and response
  2. Medical personnel in Labutta township isprovided with PPE kits
  3. Villages are provided with face masks and hand sanitizers
  4. Local community receives information on COVID-19 prevention awareness

With both physical gear and knowledge of how the virus spreads, can be prevented and treated, the community of Labutta township will be well-equipped to face the COVID-19 epidemic.

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