World Family Summit

2019-06-10T17:59:45+03:00Wednesday, 15 May, 2019|

The International Family Day is celebrated every May 15th .

At the proposal of the Romanian Institute for Human Rights, supported by the Romanian Patriarch, the day of May 15th has officially become the Romanian Family Day.

This year, to celebrate the work towards families support, FDP was invited to Lisbon for the World Family Summit 2019 “Leave No Family Behind” organized by the World Family Organization.

Our colleague and director of FDP Cluj, Alexandrina Kiss, had an intervention on the Pata Rât program (Cluj-Napoca), presenting a model of good practice addressed to the Roma communities (about 280 families, 1300 persons) integrated approach: effective methods of early education, health and hygiene, adequate nutrition, responsible growth and care, security and safety. She also said, in support of the motto of not leaving any family behind, that “Education has a key role to play in creating a sustainable, inclusive and resilient society.”

Thank you for inviting and encouraging us to support even more every family, especially the most fragile ones!

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